Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Press Releases

o 12 Jan 2001 Petition Seeks to Prevent Over 1,500 Deaths Per Year Caused by Carbon Monoxide From Idling Motor Vehicles
o 7-9 Oct 1999 E.A. Poe Suffered MCS from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
o 8 Nov 1998 American Public Health Association Adopts Resolution Calling for Full Disclosure in Final Report of Federal Government's Interagency Workgroup on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
o 19 Sept 1998 Albert Donnay, Executive Director of MCS Referral & Resources, will speak on: Overlap of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia among Gulf War Veterans (along with Vicki Walker of the CFIDS Association of America)
o 9 Sept 1998 Deceptive Draft Report on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Released For Public Comment by U.S. Federal Interagency Workgroup on MCS: Workgroup Provides Only Limited Information on 8 Federal Agencies and Fails to Correct Numerous Errors & Omissions Reported in Prior Review
o 4 Feb 1998 U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health Reports Plans for Spending First $800,000 of $7 Million Authorized by Congress over Next 5 Years to Study Link between Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Gulf War Illnesses
o Jan-Mar 1998 Several Reports on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Expected Soon from U.S. Government Agencies
o 21 Jan 1998 New Institute of Medicine Report Commissioned by Department of Defense Finds 41% of Gulf War Veterans with Undiagnosed Illnesses -- More Than Twice The 20% Reported By DoDUs Dr. Rostker on January 8 -- But 17 Times Less Fibromyalgia and 95 Times Less Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Than Reported Last Year by Researchers with the Department of Veterans' Affairs
o 27 June 1997 GAO Report Misses New VA-Funded Research Showing 10% of Gulf War Veterans with Leishmaniasis
o 25 June 1997 VA Research Finally Documents not One Gulf War Syndrome but Three: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
o 20 Nov 1996 Two New Studies Link Dursban, a Common Household Insecticide, with Serious Life-Threatening Birth Defects (Similar to those Seen in Children of Gulf War Veterans) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (Similar to Gulf War Syndrome). Coalition Calls on EPA to Act Immediately to Protect Public Health
o 25 Sept 1996 ABC's John Stossel Denounced for Sending Phony Patients to Discredit Diagnosis of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Group Charges Stossel with Pursuing Chemical Industry Agenda
o 15 Feb 1996 Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Fails to Address Musculoskeletal Conditions: The Top Ranking Category of Illness Among Gulf War Veterans Still on Active Duty
o 6 Aug 1995 Critique of the Department of Defense's "Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program for Gulf War Veterans Report on 10,020 Participants"
o 9 Mar 1995 Independent Researchers Accuse Department of Defense of Covering up True Extent of Unexplained Illness in Persian Gulf Troops
o 14 Nov 1994 Persian Gulf Syndrome May Be Porphyria: Veterans with Red Urine Should Be Tested
o 10 Oct 1994 Deployment to Kuwait Risks More Persian Gulf Illness

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