Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

  Resources for Patients and Physicians


MCS Referral & Resources offers a variety of resources to assist
patients, doctors and others in understanding, diagnosing, treating and preventing
MCS, related disorders and carbon monoxide poisoning, including:

o  Biomarkers of MCS

o  Diagnostic Codes for MCS

o 1999 Consensus Definition of MCS (Adobe Acrobat File) 

o  Bibliograpy of Scientific Articles on MCS

Articles on MCS, Porphyrin Disorders and Carbon Monoxide

Books and Videos on MCS, Porphyrin Disorders and Carbon Monoxide 

 Products and a Protocol for the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of CO Poisoning
including Oxygen Concentrators, CO Detectors and Exhaled Breath Gas Analyzers

NEW ///   
Powerpoint Presentations on MCS, MUSES Syndrome and CO Poisoning
from lectures given by MCS R&R's Albert Donnay 
at Rutgers University and the University of Maryland



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