Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

What's New at MCS R&R


Added First for Women article on MUSES syndrome caused by CO and cured by oxygen
                   Added resources link to for mercury free dentistry

10/23-25/06:  All pages updated and redesigned except press releases and bibliography.  Added  powerpoint presentations.

1/22/01: Press Release: Petition Seeks to Prevent Over 1,500 Deaths Per Year Caused by Carbon Monoxide From Idling Motor Vehicles

8/13/00: Carbon Monoxide Protocol on line

8/10/00: Comprehensive MCS Bibliography on line

8/8/00: Biomarkers of MCS and Diagnostic Codes for MCS

7/28/00: Added new products sections: CO Monitors & More and Books & Videos

7/19/00: Second Edition of Poe Poster

10/9/99: Added Poe Poster: The Tell-Tale Face of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

9/27/98: Added a new section for the Draft Report of Federal Interagency Workgroup on MCS, including a press release

9/22/98: Added a new press release

6/20/98: Added a page on Upcoming Conferences

2/17/98: Added information on MCS R&R

2/16/98: Added MCS R&R Fact Sheets

2/8/98: Added MCS R&R Press Releases



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